speak your truth Coaching call club

Friday mornings from 8–9am central

Gain confidence & clarity

Be confident, focused & authentic. Be a magnet.

December coaching call schedule:

Friday, Dec. 15 - Conflict Management -- Change the conversation with your staff, team, co-workers & even your friends & family

Friday, Dec. 22 - Anxiety Management -- Find ways to change your brain to cycle out of some of the worst fight-or-flight

Friday, Dec. 29 - Seasonal Triggers -- Whether it's the holiday expectations, the winter doldrums or weather-related associations, learn ways to cycle out of depressive thinking & lessen its impact

NOTE: Calls are recorded, so you don't have to be a live participant to receive the benefits. The coaching club is only $37 per month.

(Renews  monthly until opt-out.) 

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