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Is Coach Kiki Right for You?

Who I Help

If you’ve ever struggled with fight-or-flight, communications coaching may be right for you. Ask yourself the following questions. Does negative thinking whisper in your ear regularly, making you nervous & lowering your confidence? Does anxiety or depression ever stop you from reaching the levels of success you expect from yourself & know you’re capable of reaching? Do others see you as sophisticated & successful while you secretly know that you’re actually capable of so much more?

Ideal coaching clients are self-actualized and high-functioning, despite their internal challenges. They simply know they can and should be doing more.

You can learn to be your bravest authentic self through my 3 Keys to Communication© coaching system. Learn more here.

Not The Right Fit

If you are in crisis—through severe depression, psychosis, prolonged hypomania or similar mental health challenges that drastically impede your ability to function in life—communications coaching with Coach Kiki is not appropriate to heal such crises. While I do refer active clients to therapists and psychiatrists, I do not diagnose or prescribe medication, nor am I qualified to do so.

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